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Posted by Toni on Nov 13, 2015

Can Personal Injury Affect Me Psychologically?

Many people who suffer from psychological disorders such as clinical depression or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) have a precise moment in their lives that they can pinpoint as the primary cause of the disorder. While, for some, it can be difficult to place due to mental conditioning – as is the case for certain situations like abuse. All the while, some of the worst scars that a tragic incident can cause are the ones that people don’t regularly see.

According to the website of Tuscon personal injury attorneys , coping with the aftermath of a personal injury can mean more than just a simple recovery period for the physical injuries. Some injuries, even, can leave long lasting damage such as permanent disability. Can you imagine being a person with an active lifestyle – lots of travel and adventure and plans for the future – and then because of one accident, they’re turned into a quadriplegic and paralyzed from the neck down?

Physical injuries that have these kinds of debilitating effects can cause psychological distress that can lead to thoughts of suicide. Some people, if their physical damage was relatively minimal and were able to recover after a given period of time, are haunted by the accident can experience enhanced sensitivity to seemingly ordinary things and can become triggered into a panic by anything that reminds them of the accident because it makes them feel unsafe and forces them to relive the feelings of that moment.

Personal injury accounts for more than just the physical injury but the mental and emotional ones as well, as is in accordance to what is stated on the website of Ravid and Associates. It can be difficult and dangerous to just make someone fend for themselves after a traumatizing incident without them being able to find healthy ways to cope with mental and emotional injury of this kind like therapy and proper medication.

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