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Posted by Toni on Jun 23, 2016

Information on SR-22 That You Need To Know

If you find your driver’s license getting suspended or revoked, chances are your state may require you to purchase SR-22 in order to retain your driving privileges. Aside from license revocation, there are other reasons you will be asked to get SR-22. According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, most DMV offices will require certification that a high risk driver has insurance coverage.

However, calling SR-22 as insurance is a misnomer because it is not. It is simply a proof or certificate that you are insured. Such certification will be required with the following scenarios:

  • You have been charged with DUI/DWI
  • You were caught driving without insurance
  • You have accumulated a large number of points on your driving record
  • You were unable to maintain the mandatory insurance coverage required by your state

However, you cannot get the SR-22 certificate on your own. You have to inform your insurance provider that you need one. As a result, the SR-22 can change your insurance risk factor to high. Unfortunately, your current carrier may not file the SR-22 on your behalf because you are a high-risk driver. This means that you will have to get one from a new insurance company.

Here are some points you need to remember when carrying SR-22:

  • You should carry both the SR-22 and insurance policy for a period of three years
  • If your insurance lapses, the law requires your provider to inform the Department of Motor Vehicle in your state. Your license will remain suspended until your insurance has been reinstated
  • Once you fulfilled your SR-22 obligation, your SR-22 status will be removed

Take note that if you commit another violation or get another traffic ticket, your SR-22 may require a longer validity period. However, if you are able to remain without violation or incidents, you may be able to buy car insurance with a traditional rate.

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