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Posted by Toni on Nov 18, 2015

What Counts as Nursing Home Abuse?

Abuse is no laughing matter as anyone could tell you but there is a very distinct image that comes to mind when abuse is mentioned. There’s the black eyes, the split lips, and the bruises all over – these are the most prominent and obvious signs of abuse. Though these are very important issues that need to be tackled with sensitivity, it is dangerous to think that only physical abuse can count as abuse.

Take, for example, the situations that constitute as nursing home abuse.

As a rule, nursing homes are expected to perform and deliver their services with a certain standard of care. If they fall below these standards, those in their care may be able to file for legal action on the grounds of nursing home abuse. Neglect, for one thing, is something that counts as abuse as these elderly folk are in the home in the first place in order to receive care that they themselves (or their surviving kin) are not able to deliver for one reason or another.

According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, physical and even sexual abuse is possible within grounds of nursing home abuse as there have been cases where these situations are more than just hypothetical but are actually very, very real. Unlike children or adults in abusive situations, the elderly are arguably the most vulnerable people in the population since they are in their last stages of life, are not in a position to fight back as well as they might have been able to, and should be granted to live the rest of their lives in peace. It is then possible that the elderly admitted into the care of an abusive nursing home may not even know that they are in an abusive situation.

It is then recommended to keep a wary eye at the home wherein you may be admitting a loved one. If you suspect abuse going on within the grounds, it is advisable to contact legal help immediately.

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