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Posted by Toni on Nov 14, 2015

Why You Should Be Wary of Mental Illness Medication

In recent years, the advancement of technology and social media has allowed for there to be a rise in awareness of mental illnesses. What people used to think was only harmless cries for attention is now put to light as severe mental conditions.

The brain is just as much part of the body as anything else and it, too, can get sick.

Just as much as any sickness, professionals have been working on medication in order to alleviate those who suffer from this illness. There are different kinds of mental illnesses and different ways to treat them. Yet, for all the raised awareness of these illnesses, some medication that is available on the market right now has had some troubling side effects.

Take, for example, bipolar disorder and Risperdal. According to the website this medication is meant to treat those with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism – yet there have been reports of patients complaining of the side effects like gynecomastia, diabetes, pancreatitis, bone loss, etc. It is difficult enough as it is to deal with the battle against mental illness and it can only be made more torturous by medication that adds to the already existing illness.

Being wary of medication aimed to treat mental illness is a precautionary measure. Not every drug advertised can be certified to do what it promises. It is advisable, then, to consult with the opinions of several professionals instead of just one physician alone.

Before you take any sort of medication, know that it is well within your rights to ask of the potential side effects before you consume it. Meanwhile, these side effects were not known to the people who had taken Risperdal and therefore, it is grounds enough to constitute legal action against the manufacturers of this drug in order to receive sufficient compensation that answers as justice for the great harm that the drug caused instead of healed.

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